Victor Englebert's Cameras

I love historical items that tell a compelling story and these 2 Nikon cameras have told hundreds of stories in their well-traveled lives. These were Victor Englebert's Nikon F cameras. Victor Englebert is a travel and documentary photographer who has published 17 books about various cultures around the world including Aborigines of the Rain Forest: the Yanomami (Time-Life) and award-winning Wind, Sand and Silence: Travels with Africa's Last Nomad (Chronicle Books). He carried these cameras until about 1982 when he switched to newer models.

"During those years, when every different film required a different camera body, and zoom lenses were not of professional quality, I worked with a Leica M2 with a 35mm lens and a black Nikon F with a 105 mm lens. With such set-ups I was always ready for any type of pictures. When time allowed me to change lenses, all of them for my two Nikons, I picked one from a pouch on my belt. In my camera bag I kept a Nikon F for low light shooting with high-speed film (Ektachrome 64 or 160 ASA). Otherwise I shot Kodachrome 2 (25 ASA). Film was slow."

Mr. Englebert has also been published in National Geographic, Smithsonian, International Wildlife, Natural History, Islands, the London Sunday Times, Paris Match, the German and French editions of Geo and magazines that have long ceased publication. You can read more about Mr. Englebert here.